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Theater For Social Action


Social movements arise when communities come together in common goals.  Theater has long been recognized as a means of connecting and bringing people together.  It highlights common themes of humanity and displays conflicts and resolutions experienced by people in daily life.  Because theater inherently draws people in, both physically and emotionally, and allows them to relate on some personal level, it is an ideal motivator for social action.  This use of creative expression reaches people on not only the level of entertainment, but also on a personal level, which drives a real connection to the issues that are focused on.  By conducting theater that is both by and for the community, people are directly a part of their own social movement, allowing the community to take ownership of the fight for mainstream recognition.  We, at Bhudan Theatre do not hide reality in our work.  Rather, we perform hard truths and real facts, no matter how disturbing, because it is in this way we connect with our history.  It is in this way that we use theater to show our people that we need to change our future.  It is in this way the many people of India, from common people to mainstream society members, to policymakers, to educators/intellectuals, to government officials and beyond, may finally recognize the human needs of the Chhara community.  It is in this way that we fight for dignity and social justice for all De-notified tribes of India.



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