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What People Are Saying About Budhan...

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For Children, Our Future

Article in Ahmedabad Mirror about Budhan Theatre October 29, 2014

"Known for breaking the glass ceiling and pushing boundaries..."


"Gearing up to launch a series of new theatre form called 'playback theatre," besides movie festivals and a three-day workshop."

Seetha BT: Budhan, the Third Theatre

Article in Muse India, 2007

"A new kind of unconventional theatrical art..."


"Various dimensions of space; emotional, intellectual, social and psychological more on the streets and public spaces than on the stage..."


"The struggle to overcome this stigma, in a world that often tries to implicate the innocent, the ignorant, the needy and the nomad, is one of commitment and dedication."

Please Don't Beat Me, Sir!: A Review

Review in "Anthropology Attacks!," September 5, 2012

"The Budhan Theatre, composed of Chhara sons and daughters of thieves and bootleggers, speak on behalf of themselves."


"I apparently have a very strong opinion when it comes to narration and intertitles.  Please Don't Beat Me, Sir! utilizes the most effective and appropriate form that I've seen."


"I highly recommend this film to educators."


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