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Events at Chharanager Library


Chharanagar Library is home to many workshops, film screenings, and other community building events.  Keep up to date here with all current events happening at Chharanagar Library!

Films @CHHARANAGAR Film Festival
1st screening
1st Nov 2014
6pm to 8pm

Budhan Theatre has organized Three month long Film Festival at the Budhan Theatre and invited community youth and children. On 1st Nov. we screened films And 'Gandhi goes Missing' and 'Gattu' both children film. Around 80 kids attended the screening.



2nd Screening

20th Nov 2014

6pm to 8pm
On our second film screening of Films @Chharanagar(F@C) film festival. We screened 'The Blue Umbrella' which was 90minuts long bollywood fiction film. Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, film gives message that stealing is a sin. 
Children's Theatre Workshop
Nov 3, Nov 4, Nov 5
4PM - 7PM


Come to the Chharanagar Library from 4PM to 7PM Monday through Wednesday this week for an interactive theatre workshop run by Budhan Theatre's own Atish Indrekar!


All are welcome.  Contact Atish ( for more info!

Celebration of Independence Day 2014
15th Aug. 2014
10 am


Following its annual tradition, Budhan Theatre organized a cultural event on Independence Day, 2014. More than 25 kids participated. There were traditional folk dances, and the play 'Agnyankosh' was performed. After the play, Sr, advocate and community leader Adv. Raghunath Chhara gave a valedictory speech for Chhara youth and blessed Budhan Theatre's child actors. 


Click here to view event photos.

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