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Chharanagar Library


The library was established in 1998 by noted literary critic and linguistic professor Dr. Ganesh Devy and Bangla writer Mahasveta Devy.  The library was established as a center for community development for the Chhara tribe, ultimately encouraging people to come forward and donate books for community use.  Most of the books are donated by Bhasha Research and Publication Center, Baroda, Mahasveta Devy, university students from the USA, Europe, and the UK, and many more donors and visitors to the library.  Books are also earned by Budhan Theatre actors upon completing performances all around India.  The library includes books in English, Hindi, and Gujarati, and readers are members of the Chhara community, police officers, and neighboring communities' youth and children.  Chharanagar Library became a center for development, and it attracted scholars, writers, filmmakers, and journalists from all over the world.  The center has initiated educational courses for marginalized communities to teach theatre, journalism, and media.  The library was the birthplace of Budhan Theatre, and it remains a vibrant place for the youth of Chharanagar, where young people come together to interact, read, practice music, perform theatre, dance, and engage in other community building activities.  Click the following link to view more photos of the Chharanagar Library.



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