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Budhan Theatre Films

Fight for Survival


Based on the Snake Charmer Tribe's livelihood conflict due to the "Animal Cruelty Act" in India.  It falls under the docu-drama genre; dramatization sequences were enacted by Snake Charmers only.


Awarded Jeevka 2005 South Asia Livelihood Documentary Film Award

The Lost Water


A film that glances into the life of a salt worker, a job which produces 60% of Indian's total edible salt production.  It focuses on the hazardous and miserable life in poverty and was screened in many education instutitions and film festivals.



A film based on the demolition of slums by the government, making slum dwellers' lives miserable and instigating their protest through theatre.  It was widely shown in 25 education instutitions, both in India and overseas, and at the United Nations in 2007.

Thought for Development


Profile film of Bhasha Research and Publication Centre about its work for the social and cultural development of tribal communities in Gujarat.

Bhasha @ Ten


It is the Music


A short music video capturing music of children of so-called "criminal tribes" who produce music from liquor making utensils.

Actors are Born Here


A film on the stigmatized history and cultural experiment to remove social stigma on the Chhara De-notified Tribe.

Acting Like a Thief (by Karim Friedman and Shaswati Talukar)

Chhara Tribe


Film on the stigmatized history and cultural experiment to remove the social stigma on the community.

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