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Budhan Theatre Plays



This play is based on an incident that occurred in the Eastern part of India where West Benga police killed an innocent tribal person, Bhudan Sabar, due to the historical stigma of his Sabar tribe, known as a “Criminal Tribe.”  The play has been widely performed and published throughout India; there have been over 300 shows and it has been translated into both Indian and Chinese languages.

Pinya Hari Kale Ki Maut (Death of Pinya Hari Kale)


This play is based on the real incident of custodial death in the Baramati district of Maharashtra, India.  Pinya Hari Kale, of the “Pardhi Tribe,” was brutally killed by Maharashtra Police.  The play was performed in seminars and meetings of DNTs including the presence of the Honorable Chief Justice of India, Mr. venkatesh Chhallaiya in 2000.



o   This play is based on the story of Deepak Pawar, who used to beg in the Solapur district of Maharashtra.  Exploited by the local police, he was allowed to brew liquor in exchange for bribes.  Upon denying a bribe, the police killed him and reported him as being involved in alleged weapon trafficking.  It has been performed over 50 times throughout India, including viewings by 20 High Designated police officials in Bhopal at the International Seminar of De-notified Tribes.

Majhab Hame Sikhata Aapas Mein Bair Rakhna


This play is based on communal conflicts that occurred in Gujarat, India, in 2002.  It has been performed over 25 times in Ahmedabad city to promote communal harmony among conflict groups

Bhoma (Written by Badal Sircar)


The play, written by Badal Sircar, a founder of Indian street theatre, highlights political and civic issues of the common man on Indian streets.  Budhan Theatre performd the show to demonstrate the same issues with the people of Ahmedabad.  It was perfomed 10 times in India, both in front of the District Collector Office and at the gate of the house of District Municipal Commissioner of Ahmedabad City, to protest the demolition of poor ghettos and to promote housing rights of slum dwellers in Ahmedabad.


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