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Budhan Theatre's videos 


The Lower Depths

Play by Budhan Theatre

Please Don't Beat Me Sir! (Trailer)


It Is the Music

Short musical documentary by Dakxin Bajrange 

Acting Like a Thief - Full Film

Documentary about Chharas in Ahmedabad

Chharanagar denotified tribes

Film created by IIM students


A fictional depiction of discrimination against Chharas

Birth 1871 - Promo

Documentary Film by Dakxin Bajrange

Budhan Bolta Hai

Budhan Theatre is known worldwide for performing plays  on human rights and political issues of nomadic and denotified tribes issues. Budhan Theatre performedd its well known play 'Budhan Bolta Hai (Budhan Speaks) at the Janatar Mantar, a place which is known to raise people of India's political demands.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

An adopted play, perfomed in 'Intimate Theatre Form,' as Budhan Theatre did not get permission to perform this play in public. We performed around 25 shows in cities like Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi.

Ahmedabad Theatre Festival 2012

Presentation about festival by Kalpesh Joshi, a student of IITG

Ahmedabad Theatre Festival Promo

Preview of the 2012 film festival, featuring 25 plays in 7 languages, and performances in 7 states.

Support the Children's Theatre Program of Budhan Theatre

A promotional video by Shashwati Talukdar

The Widow's Home

A short film on Chhara women widows who live miserable lives, brewing illicit liquor.  The film was produced by Kushal Batunge, Abhi Indrekar, and Karan Pawar.


Chharanagar Visit IIM Ahmedabad

As part of an SCEB course, IIM students made this film to demonstrate the struggles in Chharanagar.  The film was created by Balkrishna Korgaonkar.

Budhan Diaries

Created by K Harish Singh, the documentary is a collection of stories of the people involved in the work of Budhan Theatre and the Chharanagar Library.


A film created by Chhara youth after a workshop conducted by researcher Caleb Johnston.

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