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Donate and Support Budhan Theatre


Budhan Theatre is committed to performing at very low cost.  We believe that expression itself is powerful enough to convey a message, without any lights, costumes, or other material effects.  Budhan Theatre will readily accept donations in the form of books for its notable collection in the Chharangar library for use by the community, and in monetary form to be used for transportation costs to and from performance locations.  Other valuable items to improve community engagement and youth education in the community are also welcome, such as projectors, screens, or other material that may be used for educational/developmental purposes.  To supply any of the aforementioned materials, please contact Dakxin Bajrange at  For monetary donations, see below.


Vimukta, our umbrella organization in the United States, collects funds to directly support the Children's Program of Budhan Theatre and its programming and the maintenance of Chharanagar Library.  To support Budhan Theatre, please do so by following instructions on their website.





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