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Performing our Past...

...Changing our Future

Our mission is to bring about social change by raising awareness of the historical plight of Denotified Tribes, notably the Chhara community, which has faced physical, social, and psychological struggle through its stigmatization as criminal.  We aim to do this by utilizing the talents of the Chharas as natural performers to conduct expressionist theater that emphasizes these unique issues.  Highlighting the countless challenges faced by the Chhara community and spreading our creativity throughout India, we hope to debunk stigmas about De-notified Tribes and ultimately attain constitutional recognition by the independent government of India.


Budhan Theatre was founded by Dr. Ganesh Devy, a literary critic, linguistic, and tribal activist, based in Baroda.  He continues to inspire Chhara youth in the rights-based movement through arts and literature.  He is guiding the social movement for the constituitonal guarantee of De-notified and Nomadic Tribes.



  • Screened documentary film 'Birth1871' at Women Studies Dept.

  • University of Pune on 10th Nov. 11 am to 1 pm.

  • Performing 'Budhan Bolta Hai' in Pune on 26th Nov., in front of Collector Office to demand the Constitutional Gurantee for DNTs

  • Performing the play "Pata" in Gujarat Police Training Academy, Karai, Gandhinagar on 6th Dec. 2014.

Click here for full list of events at the Chharanagar Library

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